All about me

My name is Jose Santiago and I am and Italian food specialist. Everything you see on my site is written by me and my recipes is from either my kicthen or mammas kitchen. In Italy, we love food and especially pasta and pizza. All respect to cuisines around the world, but the italian is the best. And my food, tops it all.

My story

I moved from Italy to Germany when I was 18 years old to learn about german engineering. I got a job as an worker on a production site, that built parts for a car manufactor. I worked there for a couple of years, before I lost interests in electronical engineering and started turning to gambling and poker. Things got serious, when I was invited to a high-stake poker game with one of my more weatlthy friends and took home the big prize. 10.000 deutsche Frank (with was the currency at that time). From that on, I was hooked on gambling. Pretty soon I started playing online and has not stopped since.

What am I doing today?

Since you cant play online gambling all the time, at least withoout getting bored and start to make stupid bets, or going crazy. So I started cooking originial Italian cuisine. Found my mothers old recipes and started blogging about it. My other blog is filled with reviews and test of good old traditional food.