Using Android Pay at a Pay by Phone Casino

Android mobile phones are a great way to access all of your favourite pay by phone casino games, whether they be slots, scratch cards, table games or live games. Not only that, you may not be aware that you can actually use your Android phone to make deposits at a pay by phone casino. Of course, you can always use the typical payment methods such as paying by phone bill and other eWallet services such as PayPal, but paying by Android Pay is a great way to also deposit your cash. If you own an Android phone but are not too sure about how to use Android Pay, read on to find out more about this very cool service that you can use at a variety of different pay by phone casino sites.

How to Use Android Pay at a Pay by Phone Casino

Android Pay is very similar to Apple Pay if you know much about that. This method of payment that you can use at many pay by phone casino sites was set up by Android to act as a type of eWallet service. Not only can you use it online to make purchases, which includes at pay by phone casino sites, you can also use in the real world too to make transactions when you are out shopping! When using Android Pay at a pay by phone casino, players will first need to set up their account with the service. This is super quick and easy to do and all that is required of you is to link up either your credit or debit card or your bank details with the account. This will then allow you to easily make payments to the pay by phone casino of your choosing.

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While Apple Pay may take longer to make an impact on the market, Android already has good standing within the casino industry and at pay by phone casino sites. This may also be due to the fact that Android users are more likely to use pay by phone casino sites as they can access all of the latest mobile games and casino apps before Apple players can, as apps undergo more stringent testing at Apple than they do at Android.

While android Pay is a fantastic way to make deposits at a pay by phone casino, you may still struggle to find one that accepts this payment method as it is not widely used as of yet. Always double check before signing up to a new site that it accepts Android Pay as a payment method if you particularly want to use this over other pay by phone casino depositing methods.

Why Use an Android Phone to Play at a Pay by Phone Casino?

If you already use an Android phone then you will be aware of the outstanding graphics and the top quality resolutions that are offered with this type of mobile phone. This makes it a fantastic way to play a variety of different pay by phone casino games and provide a truly immersive experience.

Why Should You Use a Pay by Phone Casino

There are lots of reasons why you should consider making the switch from your old payment methods to playing at a pay by phone casino. Many players are still depositing cash online using their debit/credit cards and through bank wire transfers, however, there is no need to still be using these payment options that are quite frankly not the best at protecting your cash. If you are looking for a new way to make deposits online and want to be able to do so safely and efficiently then make the switch to a pay by phone casino – we know that you will not regret it!

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Paying by Phone Bill at a Pay by Phone Casino

Of course, the main advantage of joining a pay by phone casino and the reason why most players use this type of online casino is so that they can then take advantage of making deposits with their phone bill.

When playing at a pay by phone casino, players can make deposits using the pay by phone option. If you are unsure of what this is at a pay by phone casino, then don’t worry as we’ll explain exactly what it is and how to use it.

When you make a deposit at a pay by phone casino using your phone bill all players have to do is send their pay by phone casino a text message containing how much they want to deposit and this will instantly be added to your account. No money will instantly come out of your account as your mobile network provider is the one paying this bill for you which they will then add to your monthly mobile bill and you can pay them all off as one. This payment method is really easy to use and is one of the safest ways to safeguard your bank details as you do not ever need to hand them over to the casino. Setting up the pay by phone bill payment option at a pay by phone casino is really easy to do and once you have done so you will be making deposits in no time at all.

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Other Payment Options Available at a Pay by Phone Casino

Every pay by phone casino is different, but some will offer more payment options than others. While we love the pay by phone bill option it will not suit everyone, particularly for those who do not like having a lower budget on their daily deposit limit or for those who want to use the same method for withdrawing their cash as they do for depositing.

When playing at a pay by phone casino players are not restricted to this one payment option and you can also use your debit/credit card, bank wire transfer and a range of eWallets. Each pay by phone casino is different but some of the eWallet options you will tend to find are Neteller, PayPal, Skrill and Paysafe Card.
Check out a pay by phone casino today and make your first deposit to start enjoying their range of exciting games and promotions!

Are you still holding on to your old payment options such as paying by credit/debit card and bank wire transfer? If you need a change then why not try a pay by phone casino? A pay by phone casino allows players to quickly and securely deposit their cash online at the casino and the get started playing all of their favourite games. If a pay by phone casino sounds appealing to you, click here for more info.